Who Is Making Your Clothes?

I am Tilden Yamamoto and I live and work in Oakland, California.  This is my line, Tilden.  I'm a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, San Francisco.  For eighteen years I have practiced and studied traditional sewing techniques and construction.  I also hand draft and grade all my patterns.

How Are Your Clothes Constructed?

This is a clean and simple line of woven goods that are the fruition of years spent fine tuning patterns for fit and testing different methods of construction.  All items are hand cut, one at a time by me.  I sew each piece using only an antique, single needle, straight stitch Singer sewing machine.  All of my items are as clean on the inside as they are on the outside through careful and thoughtful steps of assembly.


What Is Covering Your Body?

I love wearing natural fibers and you should too!  Wearing clothes made from synthetic fibers is draping your body in chemicals and petroleum.  All my clothes and bags are made from cotton or wool.  I source my fabrics from heritage textile mills in America, Japan, and Europe.  I do not buy cheaply milled fabric from China.  All of my products are 100% vegan as well.

Who Needs Your Support?

Me!  Supporting local growers for your food, craftsmen for your home goods, and ethical startups for various services is an awesome trend that can extend to every industry.  Chances are, most of the clothes in your closet were made by people toiling under unfair labor conditions, in factories without concern for the environment, and from materials full of chemicals or contributing to unethical treatment of animals.  Ordering clothes from Tilden is commissioning me to hand make a garment just for you.  I'm carrying on a fading tradition of quality sewing, I'm conscious of the materials I'm using,  and I'm making all of my goods in Oakland, California, USA.  


Who couldn't use more space in their closets?  Cheaply made, novelty clothing is fun and a great component of a stylish wardrobe, but quality made, foundation pieces are the growing trend.  An investment in high quality garments of classic silhouettes that look sharp season after season is an investment in looking and feeling your best.

How do I order?

All of my garments and bags are made to order just for you.  Each item I make generally takes an entire day to cut and sew and I'm always getting amazing new fabrics as they become available in the smaller quantities I like to work with.  Be sure to follow me on Instagram @tildenshop as that is where the latest of everything I'm making is posted.  Ordering a garment from me is a personal experience so please DM me on Instagram or email for fabric options, sizing, and billing.  UPS ground shipping is free for all orders within the Continental United States.  As orders come in, I make a list.  When the list reaches a lead time of over a month I stop taking orders so one month is the longest wait period.  Thank you so much for supporting a craftsman who is working so hard to create ethical and sustainable beauty.